Who chooses the charitable organisations to be supported?

Answer: We can hear or read about an organisation, some may contact us directly, or our direct partners can suggest one. We always try do our homework about the charity before choosing our next goal to support.

Why can’t people make private donations to the foundation?

Answer: We are not set up for private donations. To read a more detailed explanation read our page!  Why we don't take donations

What is a direct partner?

Answer: A direct partner is a company or website in Asia or with Asian influence who works closely with Siam Sunflower Co., Ltd.

How can I become a direct partner?

Answer: If you are a travel related company in Asia. Learn more on this page!  Become a partner

We are running a charitable organisation, can we write a guest blog on this website?

Answer: Yes you can, we would welcome this kind of contribution. We will review the content and to make sure that it aligns to our foundation’s values and goals.

How we know ThailandGuide24 foundation pays what is stated on this website?

Answer: When we fulfill a payment, we write who receives the funds and we have a copy of the bank statement available on this website.  Here!  It’s easy to see the evidence if there is any doubt, or simply contact the specific organisation.

(If you have any questions or feedback then you are welcome to contact us.)