Foundation for Asia

Welcome to Foundation website. The company and people behind this foundation are Siam Sunflower Co., Ltd. We are located in Koh Samui, South Thailand. We have chosen to name the foundation after our first travel website, This foundation is not limited to Thailand and will contribute to any project or organisation throughout Asia.

The foundation receives funds from our direct partners and from our company Siam Sunflower Co,. Ltd. We don’t accept any donations from individuals around the world, although we have listed some charitable organisations where you can donate money directly and give your support too, if you would like to help. Find them here!  Help organisations

If you are running a travel company or a website in any Asian country then read the page "Become a partner" to learn how you can indirectly or directly support any project we have chosen to help. This will also benefit your company or website too, as visitors to our travel websites will be interested in the content. As a paid partner you will be named as a proud donor or if you prefer you can remain anonymous. Learn more here!  Become a partner

It’s pretty hard to choose a project when there are so many organizations and people who need support. We think that any help is better then no help, and any donation, small or large, will benefit. Small companies or private individuals can make a huge difference by making things better for people and organizations in need through donations. We were inspired to do this when we had our eyes opened by another company who started this idea, and maybe you and your company can take inspiration from us to start running your own foundation, or to support another one. Every action, no matter how big or small, do makes a difference.

Some charitable organisations are only able to give a very small percentage of their income for help, but as a friend said to me a long time ago “Don’t be upset if only a small percentage goes to the people in need, if they don’t get that they get nothing.” Something to think about!

This foundation runs with zero costs, so 100% of the money donated from us and our direct partners goes to the charitable organisation we have chosen to help.

Welcome to Contact us if you are involved in any charity in Asia or know of any organisations which you think are doing good work. We will be happy to consider the organisation for the next goal and our support together with partners.

Some Foundation Partners

Thailand Golf Tours
ThailandGuide24 - travel website
GGringos Cantina Restaurant Koh Samui


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