Why we not take Donations

Our foundation is not staffed and so we aren’t able to receive any private donations. We give donations from our profits and in collaboration with our direct partners. Unlike some other organisations, we haven’t created this foundation to benefit from any tax reductions, We do not want to be a burden on the society.

We do not want to invite a situation where we would be asked where and how the donated money is distributed, what percentage has been paid, what our staff costs are, running costs etc. As it stands today, we donate 100% of the money deposited for this foundation and our running costs for the foundation are zero. It is supported fully by Siam Sunflower Company and we are very transparent who receives the donations and how much is donated.

In the future we may change how we operate, but for now this is the model for us. Any ideas on how we can improve our foundation, or any feedback, is warmly welcomed.