About us

ThailandGuide24 Foundation is owned and managed by Siam Sunflower Co., Ltd. We have a portfolio of Asia travel websites our office is located in south Thailand on the island of Koh Samui.

We started this Foundation to give something back to Thailand and Asia. We choose a charitable organisation to support and we have new donation goal every four months, which we aim to fulfill together with our direct partners and contributions from our company, Siam Sunflower.

Although the name of the Foundation is ThailandGuide24.org the foundation is not limited to Thailand and in fact will support any charity in Asia. It was named after our first travel website, which is this days translated into five languages, and we also now have a regional site AsiaGuide24 which covers many other countries in the region.

We can only manage one project at a time. The Board chooses a charity to support, and after we reach the goal and have paid the check, we set up another goal and choose a new organisation to support. We like to follow up a bit further down the line and see if our support has helped make a difference, small or big. Our motto is anything is better than nothing.