Update Foundation and help to Myanmar

Update ThailandGuide24 Foundation, what is a 100% non profit organisation, all have been very slow with this foundation and we apologize, but things start to move slowly in right direction.

Background the money for this foundation coming from us and behalf of our partners, we depending totally on sales to boost the foundation. We try to get this rolling in a faster pace, but realize it will take the time it need.

In mean time, if someone have some spare money over, please help Myanmar Burma Rohingya refugees, they are in huge need.

Myanmar ethnic Rohingya population, live in fear, no food, terrible condition, estimated around 80000 kids in urgent need. It have arrived over 400000 people to Bangladesh. So it is a lot of pressure on bangladesh as well, what is a very poor country with not much resources to support Rohingya people or they own citizen.

UNHCR are a fantastic help organizations, we provide a direct link to UNHCR if you can donate a small amount it will help a lot. Click the link below.

Donate direcly to UNHCR

Thanks for reading
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